Custom Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10

Customizations from $119.99

Custom Shure SE535 Homepage Banner

Custom Shure SE535 Reshell

We can customize your pre owned IEM

Custom Westone UMpro 30 Homepage Banner

Custom Westone UMPro 30

Starting at $119.99

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Custom Shure SE215

New Custom SE215 from $229.99

World Wide Shipping Based In USA

Reshell Your IEM's

Reshell Your IEM's

Starting at $119.99 we customize most models of IEM's including reshelling existing custom IEM's. Browse our inventory and if you don't see your in ear monitors listed you can email
New Custom In Ear Monitors

New Custom In Ear Monitors

In addition to customizing your IEM's In Ear Central will also purchase a pair of NEW generic fit IEM and customize them for you if you do not already own a pair you want customized.


Find the In Ear Monitors accessories you need today. From Cables to Cases to Cleaning supplies we've got you covered. Our inventory covers a large range of IEM needs so please spend some time checking us out.

Latest Custom In Ear Monitors


How to Order:

What We Do:

Reshell Your Existing IEM's

  • We remove the electronics
  • Build a shell for your ear
  • Install the electronics
  • Cable Upgrades
  • Socket Upgrades
  • International Shipping

Buy New Custom IEM

  • Pay us Directly
  • We Buy the IEM for you
  • Same Warranty from Us
  • Custom Design
  • Impression Kit Included

Custom Accessories

  • In Ear Monitor Cables
  • Handmade Custom Cables
  • Premium Cases
  • Sockets
  • Impression Kits

IN EAR CENTRAL is an all inclusive PREMIUM custom IEM and reshelling service.

We can customize YOUR IEM or provide A NEW IEM for you. We also sell IEM accessories.



Great customer support! Visit us at for regular updates.


You can find plenty of information on our work as a company by doing a simple internet search.


Don't see the color you would like listed. Email us and we can make the color for you!


We have everything you need as a serious Audiophile. Cables, Cases, Upgrades and more.

Fast Response

Your experience as a customer is very important to us. As a result we answer emails as fast as possible and do our best to provide a great service to all.


International shipping rates start at $24.99 USD. We ship you the original impression kit and then the final product.

Ear Impression Kit

We supply you with a professional ear impression kit with everything you need to create perfect ear impressions.


Our custom IEM's are visually inspected and sound tested to ensure the best experience possible.


custom in ear monitors shure se535

We can take most off the shelf brands of IEM and custom fit them to your ear. This product is perfect for professionals.

Whether you are a performer or audiophile or casual listener you will love your experience with our custom IEM's.

Worldwide shipping and our DIY impression kit ensure no matter where you live in the world you can experience our customs.

Common Questions

We can customize your existing IEM or you can purchase a new pair from us. Check the product page for ordering details and pricing.

Our DIY Ear Impression kit is perfect and can give you a very professional set of impressions.
Self impressions are not for everyone and we do accept professional impressions. Check the product page for details.

There can be a 2-3 week lead time before we are able to start after the impressions are received. It can take 6 to 8 weeks for us to complete your monitors once we receive the impressions.
If you need your monitors it is best to just ship us the impressions. Once the shells are made we will notify you and you can ship your IEM's. And we will get them done much quicker. Please email with special delivery concerns.

For New IEM's we honor the manufacturers warranty
We cannot warranty out of warranty electronics however we do warranty our jobs from any defects for one year excluding defective electronics.
Individual electronics issues are dealt with on a case by case basis and many factors including the age of the original IEM may come into questions.

We can add drivers to existing IEM's. Each case is handled individually and is subject to many factors.
Bass Enhancement
Mid's Enhancement
Hi's Enhancement
Current model and desired output will help decide what driver we should use.
Please email with specific requests.

Order Processin 3 steps

Choose all of your options from one convenient order form. Impressions, colors, cables and cases can be purchased from the form.

View Blank Order Form +


Choose your colors and options. Ship us your Ear Impressions. We can provide the kit.

We Build Them

We build a shell based on your ear impression, install electronics, cap, and polish them.

Test & Delivery

Completion time can be 8 weeks or more in some cases. We test all IEM's fully before final shipment.